Good Grief Theme

Visual Art and Exhibitions

When words fail, the visual arts can help people express or come to terms with their grief. Simon Bray’s Loved+Lost exhibition features pairs of photographs: the second photograph is a recreation of the first, taken in the same spot after a loved person in the image has died. View the illustrations of Gary Andrews; Andrews penned a ‘Doodle-A-Day’ to articulate his experiences of grief after his wife died. Take part in graphic designers Nikki Salkeld and Ashley Rudolph’s ‘In The Face of Death’ walk to seek out symbols of death and grief. Join an art workshop with The Fandangoe Kid, known for her super-bright creations which tackle complex and often taboo subjects. 

Venues: University of Bristol and Colston Hall


Visual Art and Exhibitions's Events

Loved and Lost exhibition (c) Simon Bray

Loved&Lost: Exhibition

Doodle a Day image

Doodle-a-Day: Exhibition

Moth, Design and Death visual arts trail

Moth: In the Face of Death (visual arts trail in Bristol)

All the Threads you Left Behind event image (c) Jo Rathbone

All The Threads You Left Behind: Installation

Good Grief- Display of Handkerchiefs event image

Vintage Handkerchief Display

The Human Memorial: Tattoos and Grief

Faciliator Moth, Design and Death

Designing Death

Complicated or prolonged grief

Complicated/Prolonged Grief: Oxford Grief Study Results

Loved and Lost photography project

The Loved&Lost Photography Project

Doodling the Day: Self-Counselling Through Art Workshop

People's Pyramid image

Don’t Be Afraid, You’re Already Dead: The People’s Pyramid

Doodle a Day image

Doodle-A-Day: An Illustrated Talk

Festival and Conference image

Conference and Festival Tickets