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The Good Grief Conference runs from 11-13 May at the University of Bristol. Its engaging programme covers topics from child bereavement and grief after suicide or stillbirth to multicultural perspectives on grief. Come to hear cutting-edge scientific research, join a Q&A, get a fresh perspective from literature or music, or listen to life lessons from those who are experts through experience. Speakers include Prof. Margaret Stroebe, Prof. Tony Walter, Prof. Richard Cheston, Dr. Ruth Penfold-Mounce, Dr. John Troyer, Dr. Linda Machin, Jane Harris and Julia Samuel MBE. This event is complemented by Loved+Lost, a Simon Bray exhibition. 

Venue: University of Bristol

Conference's Events

Anticipatory grief in dementia

Anticipatory Grief in Dementia

Music, grief and healing around the world

Music, Grief and Healing Around the World

Life’s Fragility: Encounters with Loss

The Dual Process Model of Grief

The Dual Process Model of Grief

Grief in Shakespeare

Grief in Shakespeare: A Lewis Fry Memorial Lecture

Grief after substance misuse

Grief after Substance Misuse

Opening Ceremony image

Festival Opening Ceremony

Grief after stillbirth event image

Grief after Stillbirth

Formation of grief and legacy groups in the UK

The Formation and Legacy of Bereavement Groups in the UK

Good Grief Bristol Opening Ceremony

Free Opening Event: Grief in Sociology and Philosophy

Complicated or prolonged grief

Complicated/Prolonged Grief: Oxford Grief Study Results

Grief in Literature

When the Worst Happens: Coping with Grief and Crisis

Grief after suicide event image

Grief after Suicide

Loved and Lost photography project

The Loved&Lost Photography Project

Muslim perspectives on grief and bereavement

Muslim Perspectives on Grief and Bereavement

Gender and grief

Gender and Grief

Public attitudes to grief in the UK

Grief in Pop Culture: Public Grieving and Celebrity Deaths

Grief in Film

Grieving the loss of a child

Grieving the Loss of a Child: Finding a Language for Grief

Public Attitudes to Grief in the UK

Grief in Afro-Caribbean communities

Grief in Afro-Caribbean Communities

Vulnerability and Resilience in Grief and Bereavement

Facilitator Michel Faber (c) Wandering Trad

Undying: A Love Story with Michel Faber

Festival and Conference image

Conference and Festival Tickets

Reflections on Grief, Language and Speaking to Children with MIchael Rosen

Michael Rosen: Grief, Language and Speaking to Children